Where My Ho’s At?

As If It’s Still Christmas Time

The holidays usually just come and go. You put up Christmas lights, a tree, and pretend to be cheery and festive. Then, a few weeks go by and you have to take it all down and store it back in the attic. With this badass Santa Claus on your chest, Christmas never has to end. Not only can you be calling for your hos year-round, but Santas pimp juice may rub off on you a little bit. If you are lucky, the pimping that you learn from Mr. Cringle could allow you to keep another present year-round. After all, pimping and hos do come with their downsides – the gift that keeps on giving.

Freshly Brewed With:

  • 300 lbs Santa Claus
  • 1 cup of Ghetto Fabulous
  • 1 XL Santa Pimp suit
  • 1 6 ft tall Pimp candycane
  • 1 Badass Mofo

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