Vintage and Used T-Shirts More Popular Than Ever

T-shirts: Wearable Artwork


T-shirts originated from undershirts in the 19th century. The US Navy began mass producing them in around 1913. Nowadays, the apparel is a fashion item in itself. That’s because the clothing has become a medium for wearable artwork and screen-printed designs. It has gone past the purely functional to become a form of expression.


Clever One-liners


The birth of this phenomenon began in the 60’s – and altered how people wore and viewed the clothing item. Once considered purely utilitarian in nature, the tee is now the shirt one wears to communicate team pride, clever one-liners or admiration, or sarcasm, about movies, celebrities or trends.


Forms of Social Expression


Over the last hundred years or so T-shirts have depicted everything under the sun. They have become a way of expressing oneself, and communicating ones personality. Old cartoons depicting Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and the U.S. Route 66 sign are popular used T-shirts today, for example.


The theme extends to revealing one’s age as well. For example, “Vintage [year of wearer’s birth] Aged to Perfection” is a popular slogan, perhaps with an iconic image from the time. Bumper stickers and tattoos are similar forms of social expression. The T-shirt is less permanent the latter, and more visible than the former, but they are essentially doing the same thing; telling the world who you are.


The desire to stamp ones personality on what we wear today seems to be driven by the same desire that made early humans wear and trade unique jewellery. It seems to emanate from a basic instinct.


A Large Variety from Which to Choose


On the internet you can make your own t-shirt, buy off the shelf from shops like ours, or even collect old used Tshirts from places like 991, Gumtree or eBay.


How Do You Express Yourself?


T-shirts that are available through centering on celebrities, TV shows, funny one-liners and graphics. Some people like more text while others believe a picture says a thousand words. You can express yourself in so many different ways these days.


Not everyone consciously choosing a theme for their clothing, but what they wear still says something about them. Others scour the internet and high street for statement pieces they can add to their wardrobe.


The Type of Apparel that Never Goes Out of Style


Available in diverse colours and featuring an endless stock of images, themes and ideas, t-shirts are one bit of clothing that never goes out of style. You only have to look on Pinterest to catch a glimpse of the diversity.


Vintage and used clothing is popular at the moment. As we strive to mark ourselves out as individuals, whilst associating ourselves with our favoured groups, we are looking to the past more and more to help us to define our identity. It is a fascinating phenomenon.


In a world of 6 billion people we all want to carve out our personal niche. Tees are helping us to do so.


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