Supercool Club

There is nothing better than knowing that you will be clothed when you need to be. After all, it is no fun running your errands in your birthday suit (assuming you do not have access to any trousers either, of course).

Now you can thank us at IcedTees for creating the Supercool Club. By signing up to become a part of this prestigious club, you will be guaranteed one new IcedTees t-shirt a month – all with a collective discount to save you money. That means you will receive 12 cool shirts straight to your mailbox throughout the year.

Here is how it works:

  • Supercool members will get ANY and all IcedTees t-shirts for a very low price of $15.00 each. Throughout the 12 months, that would equate to $180 (a $180 dollar value from the $29.99 list price per tee).
  • Supercool members will receive an email on the first of every month reminding them that they are able to pick out a new shirt. Then, all they have to do is click the link, shop, and checkout with the already paid for shirt. Simple!
  • Supercool members will have the opportunity to choose from any shirt that is being offered at the time of purchase. While there will always be new shirts being created, we cannot promise that some of your old favorites will stay available forever.
  • Supercool members will be able to choose between two different payment plans. The one-time billing plan will debit the full $180 from your PayPal account immediately. The 6-month billing plan will be available for those that would like to break their membership payment into two separate automatic billings. This option, however, will cost a total of $200 (instead of $180). That means, your PayPal account will be debited $100 per 6 months.
  • Supercool members will be the first to receive email updates on new Tees that come out of the IcedTees brewery.
  • Supercool members are eligible for free enrollment into the Lemonade Stand, the affiliate program that allows IcedTees enthusiasts to make money promoting the website. In addition, members will be given 10 points toward their own Lemonade Stand, which can earn you free shirts and miscellaneous goodies.