“The Lemonade Stand”

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IcedTees Affiliate Program

Do you love chilling with IcedTees? Do you often tell your friends about our shirts?

With the new IcedTees Lemonade Stand program, you can now make money as you promote our website.

Here is how the program works:

  • Affiliate must purchase at least one shirt to be considered for the program.
  • Affiliate will be charged an extra $2 for enrollment into the program during a normal purchase. The affiliate will be prompted during checkout and must check the option of enrollment.
  • Upon enrollment, affiliate will be given a special code that is to be used during any future purchases in order to receive credit for the purchase. How an affiliate chooses to go about using the code is completely up to the affiliate.
  • Upon enrollment, direct sales is not the only way an affiliate can earn cash and free swag. By utilizing social media, an affiliate can earn points that, when equal to a certain number of points, yields free IcedTees products and even cash.

The Social Media Promotion Program is laid out as follows:

  • One t-shirt purchase = 3 points (after enrollment into the Lemonade Stand enrollment)
  • One tweet on Twitter after purchase = 2 points (must use either @icedtees or #icedtees)
  • One tweet on Twitter about a certain shirt without purchase = 2 points (@icedtees or #icedtees)
  • One general tweet about our site = 2 points (@icedtees or #icedtees)
  • Become our friend on Facebook and tweet about it = 2 points (@icedtees or #icedtees)
  • Participants may not tweet the same thing more than once. Also, one participant may not earn more than 5 points in any given day.
  • Repeated tweets can be executed a week apart from each other to earn points.

PLEASE NOTE: The social media promotion program is 100% tracked through Twitter. All participants must have a Twitter account and must send all tweets from the same account to accumulate all of the deserved points over time. We will track all tweets and points internally through the hashtags and @ mentions on Twitter and inform the promoter (via Twitter) when they receive more points. Feel free to keep track of your points yourselves to keep us in check.

The point levels and subsequent prizes are broken up as follows:

  • 20 points = Half price t-shirts for a day
  • 30 points = Free t-shirt chosen by the founders of IcedTees (in participant selected size)
  • 40 points = Half price t-shirts for one week
  • 50 points = Free t-shirt chosen by another participant (in winning participant selected size)
  • 70 points = 50% off t-shirts for one month
  • 80 points = Free t-shirt of participant choice
  • 100 points = Free membership into the Supercool Club

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