August, 2011

Skinny Genes

Because Nobody Likes To Have Fat Jeans. With skinny genes, your skinny legs won’t have to don those awful skinny jeans that all of the emo kids are flaunting these days. Yuck! Freshly Brewed With: A pair of skinny jeans An emo kid X and Y chromosomes

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Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Which Shirt Should I Take? When it’s Friday Friday, you better get down! You’re always looking forward to the weekend weekend. As much as we’d like to poke fun at Ms. Rebecca Black, the truth is that she has done far more at age 14 than most people do in their entire lives. And she’s […]

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Girls Gone Wilder

Nothing Drives A Girl Wilder Than a Little Gene… It may not be true with Mr. Simmons or Mr. Hackman, but Gene’s around the world tend to make the girls swoon. For Mr. Wilder, a little candy goes a long way. He just lures the ladies into his creepy white van with his Wonka bars […]

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