July, 2011

Pierced Brosnan

Check This Out. I Just Got My Brosnan Pierced. How do you make a bland mediocre actor stand out? You get pierced! (Or you do drugs.) Either way. Go ahead and get your Brosnan Pierced by wearing the decorated face of your not-so favorite actor on your chest. Even better, if you have piercings of […]

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Flock of Seacrests

Seacrest Out. Just when America thought that Ryan Seacrest couldn’t get any busier, he surprises everyone by starting a Flock of Seagulls tribute band. Unfortunately for him, his own show, American Idol, does not allow bands to audition. It looks he might have to try out for Simon Cowell’s new show X-Factor, which endorses groups. […]

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