May, 2011

Bass Always Gets Me In Treble

It’s Bass-ically a Guaran-Tee. Have you ever been at the club drinking, doing drugs and throwing yourself at the opposite sex? Well, it’s not the intoxication at fault in this scenario. It’s actually the music. All of the bass can really stir up sexual emotions and get you in serious treble at the end of […]

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Soap Opera

His Favorite Song is Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty.” All of that singing in the shower has finally paid off for somebody. For the first time ever, Bar the singing soap will hit the stage for a one-night-only operatic event. Move over Pavirotti, Carreras and Domingo. There is a new “Soap-rano” cleaning up in the industry. Freshly […]

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Kevin McCallister is My Homeboy

You’re What The French Call “Les Incompetents.” Kevin McCallister has touched all of our lives immensely. Going from forgotten to a destructive burglar deflector isn’t an easy process. Kevin deserves the love he gets every Christmas through syndication. Show the world how much you love the #1 “Home” boy in the world by wearing a […]

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I’m Not Bald

We Can’t Explain The Short Bald People. They’re Anomalies. A lot of men unfortunately lose their hair as they grow old. Until now, doctors and scientists have attributed this process to heredity and basic old page. Our “Icologists” at Iced Tees have uncovered a different, more plausible reasoning. Because the human body never stops growing, […]

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Affleck Duck

Who Will Take Gilbert Gottfried’s Place? Now that Ben Affleck has realized that his acting career is going nowhere, he has taken to a new position. Now, aside from directing, he has become the face of Aflac. Literally. Much like the popular mythological creature, the centaur, the “Affleck Duck” is the result of a combination […]

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