February, 2011

I’d Tap That

A Good T-Shirt Is One That Can Double as a Pickup Line! Go ahead! We challenge you to wear this t-shirt to a bar. Not only will you attract the ladies, but they’ll question whether you’d tap their donkey. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Freshly Brewed With: A Donkey A Few Pokes On Facebook […]

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Have You Sheen Charlie Lately? He Bit My Finger! The polls are in and two and a half men have argued that Charlie Sheen is an absolute mess of a man. Another half of a man has stated that Mr. Sheen is a role model. He does drugs, bangs prostitutes, and parties. Good for you, […]

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Jew Jitsu

What Do You Call a Ninja Jew?…. Scary. Ninjas are scary enough when you don’t know their religious background. They’re dark; they’re fast; they’re dangerous. Jewish ninjas, however, are even more frightening because they not only want to hurt you, but they’ll steal your money as well. Freshly Brewed With: A Crouching Torah A Hidden […]

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Hudson Does Hollywood

Kate Hudson Can’t Seem To Get Enough of Celebrity Men. She started with the ghastly singer from the Black Crowes. From there, she has bounced around from athletes to movie stars. Most recently, Hudson has gotten knocked up by the lead singer of Muse. At least he’s actually cool. Kudos, Hudson! Freshly Brewed With: A […]

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Zombies Are People Too

Introducing Zombies To Neutrogena Can Be Hard. Zombies take pride in their appearance. Apparently, the “undead” look is so in right now. Thanks so much, Upper East Side. The next time you’re thirsting for some brains, take a step back, find a mirror and check yourself out. Do you look presentable? In this shirt, you […]

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Justin Beaver

That “Dam” Beaver Fever!!! When our customers continued to ask us if we would create a Justin Bieber parody shirt, we kept telling them “Never Say Never.” Oh Baby, it has happened! Justin Beaver is taking over the Internet – one teenage girl at a time. Freshly Brewed With: 1 Horrible haircut A Squeaky voice […]

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